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Entwickler Rettig UK Ltd

Control your Heating System whilst on the move or about the house.

The Myson app is a convenient way to:

* Turn down the heating without leaving the sofa
* Warm the house before you get home
* Switch on the hot water boost before taking a shower
* Quickly hold the room temperature for a few hours longer
* Save energy by adjusting your heating times

Multi Room Functions
* Room Titles for Easy Reference
* Lock one or multiple rooms 
* Edit the Comfort Levels in each room
* Apply a temperature hold to one or multiple rooms
* Place your System into Home or Away Mode (Turns the system off)
* Place your System into Summer Mode (Turns off the heating, leaving the HW to run as normal) 

– Home convenience
The app allows you to control your heating from anywhere in your home.

– Use it Anywhere
Securely control your heating from any location. If you’re leaving the office early, use the Myson app to turn on your heating in time for your arrival. You will need a router with port forwarding and a fixed IP address or the use of a Dynamic DNS.

– Holiday mode & Parties
Off on holiday for a few weeks? No problem, use the Holiday mode to keep your heating ticking over while you’re away. 

Having a party later? Keep the room at a comfortable temperature all evening.